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Idol White

What are the advantages of our product?

Idol White is contained in a ready to use pen applicator. But it does more than whiten your teeth – it cleans them as well. Made in the U.S.A., the patented gel has been seen on television and the Internet at MSN and It is quick and easy to use, unlike other whitening systems that have you sitting and waiting while the product takes effect. And it provides professional results in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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What is Idol White made of?

The formula is a combination of many familiar ingredients such as glycerin, water, hydrogen peroxide, and peppermint oil, mixed with a unique composite of carbomer, sodium hydroxide, EDTA, and sodium saccharin. Sugar free to prevent tooth decay, this gel has been created from tested cleaning and whitening agents to give you the best possible experience. But where the formula shines against its competition is that over half of the ingredients are included for the purposes of whitening your teeth instead of unnecessary chemicals and additives.

How do I apply it?

How Idol White works

Using Idol White is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3. But for the gel to have its maximum effect and keep your teeth healthy, be sure to include proper, daily dental hygiene as part of the normal use of the product.

1) Brush your teeth with your favorite toothpaste

2) Twist the pen-style applicator to dispense the gel onto the brush

3) Apply the fast acting gel to your teeth

Yes, it really is that easy.

"Idol White is the only product I trust with my smile. I love that I can get professional results at home without spending thousands at the dentist.”
- Kim Kardashian

“I hate going to the dentist. Absolutely hate it. Having a teeth whitening product I can easily apply at home means everything to me!”
- Khloe Kardashian

The Natural Solution to Teeth Whitening

The natural ingredients in Idol White's Teeth Whitening Gel effectively whiten teeth thanks to its unique formula that attacks yellow staining to deliver whiter smiles to its users.

The whitening gel, and topical brush help fight causes of staining to provide users with a whiter brighter smile that just can't be found with other teeth whitening products.

Because of its unique teeth whitening formula, Idol White delivers professional teeth whitening results at home. Normally, you’ll need to shell out hundreds or even thousands at the dentist to get the same results that Idol White can give for just a few minutes at home each day.

Idol White

How does Idol White Teeth Whitening Work?

This teeth whitening product is a breakthrough solution that whitens your teeth by at least 5 shades. It contains simple applicators that are easy to use and takes only few minutes of your daily busy schedule to make you smile brighter. This product clears all stains completely from your teeth in just few days.

Idol White Teeth Whitening Review Before After

Idol White is a clinically proven solution that eliminates all stains from the source without decaying even a single part of your tooth enamel. The powerful bleaching solution whitens your teeth to make your teeth brighter and healthier. Use this product after every six months to maintain the desired shade of your teeth. Idol White is the best product in the market.

It is very easy to apply. After brushing your teeth, you just simply need to twist the pen, and then apply the gel to your teeth – that’s it. You can see results in as early as 2 weeks!

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